[Interest] Design for a C++ Custom QML-Text-Editor-Component? (ala "Code Bubbles")

charleyb123 . charleyb123 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 19:50:02 CEST 2014

I'd like to implement in C++ a "rich-text-editor" component for QML.  Think
"code-bubbles" for editing (where many of these text-editor-components will
exist side-by-side on a QML canvas).

I'd like it in C++, as I expect it to become somewhat "rich" for internal
behavior, such as to support advanced text editor operations, and perhaps
(future) adding vim-like key bindings.

Ideally, the QtCreator text-editor is what I want and would use if I could
instantiate it within a QML component, and I could "feed" it text strings
directly through a C++ API (can I do this?)

I see the C++/QML example that shows a "text-editor-application" at:

However, with Qt WebEngine "around the corner" in Qt 5.4, and the new Qt3D
canvas (which I want to use), maybe there is another component-design

Here's the "code-bubbles" example that shows what I'm trying to do:


Of course, with QML, I expect we should also be able to add 3D and sharks
with "laser-eyes".

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