[Interest] Visual Studio Community edition plugin?

Attila Csipa qt at csipa.in.rs
Fri Dec 5 13:23:49 CET 2014


Qt has a Visual Studio plugin, but Visual Studio Express doesn't support 
plugins, so this
is of more interest to commercial developers (and fair enough, there is 
an even fancier
version of the plugin in the commercial edition of Qt). While 
historically it hasn't been
a high priority thing, in some cases it can make life easier (I'm still 
working on reducing
the number of QtCreators I have on my system)...

Enter Visual Studio Community Edition!

The biggest change with Visual Studio Community Edition is that unlike 
VS Express it's supporting
both *plugins* and *cross-platform* development, and, it's free (at 
least as in beer)! With
these changes in mind, could we get the status of the Qt VS plugin 
aligned with this? (ie
include the full plugin in the open edition, and maybe do tweaks to 
support the
newly-found cross-platform nature of VS?)

Best regards,

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