[Interest] QtCreator crashes...

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> Hi.
> I've just installed Qt 5.4.0 and QtCreator 3.3.0 with Qt online installer on
> Windows 7 machine.
> And what I saw?!
> First of all, "Welcome" page in QtCreator is empty (just white space) while
> something is clickable on it. I see that cursor changes shape in some places
> and when I click there, for example, "Configure Project" page is shown.

This usually hints at a problem with your graphics driver. Are you running this inside a Virtual Machine? If yes, try to enable 'Direct 3D rendering' in the VM options. Maybe also updating the DirectX version helps.

> But with it I can live. Not with second issue. The second issue is that
> QtCreator crashes sometimes; one time when I set settings in "Options" for
> Android and click ok button; second time when I just launch the QtCreator,
> see white "Welcome" page and click on "Edit" button; third I did nothing and
> he crashed...

It's hard to guess what goes wrong for you in so many different places. Things you can try though:

- Launch Qt Creator with clean settings (you can do this temporarily by starting it from the command line with '-settingspath C:\tmp' argument, where C:\tmp should obviously be some existing directory)
- Launch Qt Creator without plugins that make use of QtQuick2 , and therefore DirectX: '-noload Welcome -noload QmlDesigner -noload QmlProfiler'

Also, is this a regression from older Qt Creator versions?

Hope this helps to narrow it down,


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