[Interest] Camera won't capture photos in quick succession

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Thu Dec 11 15:03:39 CET 2014

On 11 Dec 2014, at 13:02, Jason H' <jhihn at gmx.com<mailto:jhihn at gmx.com>> wrote:

It's not so much that I need sub-second captures. It's that i need to reliably have my requests serviced. Currently if I do the trivial case that should be possible according to the docs, the 2nd request fails more than it succeed. If I make the request in the onImageCaptured handler it goes from usually talking to usually working... Usually. I'd like something that is 100% reliable even if it takes slightly longer. Of course to minimize the time between captures is a goal as well. But i can accept a liver delay if it works.

The only way to have 100% reliability is to wait for 'ready' to be true, which happens as soon as the viewfinder is started again. You cannot call capture() in onImageCaptured since the viewfinder might not be restarted yet.

I think the documentation is wrong and it should be corrected. None of the platform backends behave that way, they all throw an error when trying to capture before 'ready' is true.

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