[Interest] Add Greek translation qt_el.ts

Dimitrios Glentadakis dglent at free.fr
Sun Dec 14 12:30:16 CET 2014

Hello, i wanted to translate the qt module in Greek.
I downoladed the git repo from here:

I didn't find any make file to create the new qt_el.ts file according this 

I used a preexisting translation as source and i removed the target 
language so i could translate in Greek.
I have used the kde_qt file to merge the existing translations

Is this the right way to proceed ?
I think no because it doesn't work, i made a qm file but still in qt 
applications the build-in buttons are untranslated.

So i need a little help,
How to get the sources correctly ?
How to create the qt_el.ts ?
And finaly submit the file (i hope a git add qt_el.ts and git commit will 
be enough)

Thanks in advance

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