[Interest] Strange QWebSocket/QTcpServer interaction... Bug in Firefox?

Guido Seifert wargand at gmx.de
Sun Dec 21 20:30:40 CET 2014

I have here a very strange phenomena. 
I have a QTcpServer, which listens to my address at port 20203.
When I connect with Firefox to this port, a newConnection signal 
is emitted. So far so good. I send my Firefox a html page. Means
I wrote a simple Http-Server. As soon as I sent this page, I 
close this socket. I don't need it anymore. 

At the same time a QWebSocketServer listens at the same address at port
20202. When the Firefox get my html page, it interprets its javascript
an opens a websocket. So far, so good. Everything works as expected.
I can send and receive data through the websocket the QWebSocketServer
gave me. All communication should be done via this websocket.

Now the problem... Whenever the html page sends a string through the websocket's
send function, it arrives correctly at my QWebSocket at Qt Http-Server side.
However, each time my QTcpServer also fires and gives me another QTcpSocket.
Nothing ever comes through this new QTcpSocket... but it is there and a 
memory leak.

Anyone seen this behaviour?  I am a bit reluctant to call this a Qt bug. 
I have seen this behaviour reproducible with different Firefoxes, but never 
with Chrome. At the moment I don't have more browsers to test.


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