[Interest] Strange QWebSocket/QTcpServer interaction... Bug in Firefox?

Guido Seifert wargand at gmx.de
Mon Dec 22 07:30:07 CET 2014

Ok, thank you. So it really might be a problem for me. Fortunately the FF will be one
of the least important browsers for my project. I decided, that this really is a FF
bug, and regardless what the FF devs might say not a feature. I understand it, when a
browser fetches pages, which I only might want to get. But I send mine a single html 
page with no further links, so it really downloads everything there is. Opening a socket
to this page's address and port whenever the page sends data to a totally different 
websocket connection does not make not the least bit of sense.


> That depends on the OS. On Linux, it's fairly inexpensive (besides the TCP/IP 
> cost of handshake), but on Windows it might be expensive.
> And as evidence shows, browsers do open connections early so that the users 
> won't notice the latency. Then again, this is for Internet connections where 
> the handshake roundtrip can be hundreds of milliseconds.

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