[Interest] Regarding selection of stable version of Qt

Jha Sonakumar Sona.Jha at TechMahindra.com
Tue Dec 23 11:12:31 CET 2014

Hi all,
     I have to use TI arm335x board which is having gcc 4.7.3
     It supports  Opengl es 2.0


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Den 23-12-2014 kl. 05:27 skrev Jha Sonakumar:
>      Could you please guide me about selection of *Qt Version(4.x 
> *or*5.x)?*
>      Few people say that *Qt 4.7.1* is only stable and proven version, 
> please guide me in this regard.
>     If possible ,let me know any reference which I can refer to them.
> There will be  Serial port communication and application is to be 
> ported on *TI board*.

Hi Sonakumar,

Qt 4.7.1 is stable, but that's about the only good thing with it. 
Whoever is saying this needs to update their views.

If you want to stay with the 4.7 line, you should at least move to 4.7.4, as this fixes several security problems.

Personally, I would not consider the Qt 4 line for a new project. It's a dead end, and only 4.8 receives some security fixes.

If you need a stable line, I would suggest the latest Qt 5.3 release.

"TI board" says nothing. There are so many that it's impossible to say if Qt supports it or not. But very few architectures have been dropped since 4.7, so there's a very good chance it will be supported. Unless you have a very old C++ compiler for the board.

I hope this helps,

Bo Thorsen,
Director, Viking Software.

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