[Interest] QProcess and QJob vs. OS X 10.9+

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Wed Dec 24 14:11:59 CET 2014

On Wednesday 24 December 2014 13:55:25 René JV Bertin wrote:
> > My experience is that newer versions of OS X have schedulers tuned to
> > more 
> > powerful and current hardware, which means you'll feel slowness if you
> > upgrade  your old Mac hardware to newer versions of OS X. That seems to
> > affect all applications, not just Qt-based ones.
> Funny, while I agree w.r.t. superfluous UI animations, OS X otherwise tends
> to do a pretty good job at least maintaining performance levels.  Also, one
> cannot really call a 2.7Ghz 2x2 core i7 CPU with 12Gb RAM a slow system
> even if a bit over 3yo...

The problem is that they must be tuning the I/O scheduler for SSDs these days, 
so if you have a regular HD ("spinning rust"), you'll suffer.

I also can't really explain this. When building something big on my Mac Mini, 
the first few minutes the total system usage is around 20% and varies a lot; 
then after that it shoots up to 100% and stays there.

You can call it a conspiracy to make you buy newer hardware...

	goto fail;
	goto fail;
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