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On Tue, 30 Dec 2014 11:41:05 +0300, Till Oliver Knoll  
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>> Am 30.12.2014 um 05:24 schrieb Igor Mironchik  
>> <igor.mironchik at gmail.com>:
>> Hi,
>> cool, after a whole day of work
> My whiskey tasted great yesterday evening (also after a day of work, and  
> after a great self-made dinner with friends).

Fresh sight can be much more better than hours of work. :)

> ;)
>> my brain is clouded.
> Ah, I wasn't aware that you were looking for a Cloud(tm)-based solution!
> ;)
> Ok, whiskey and jokes aside: your base class could also simply emit a Qt  
> signal (to relate this thread a little bit with Qt) whenever that  
> property changed (again, setter/getter accesss, make sure the property  
> actually /did/ change before emitting the signal, ... you know the game).
> Your derived class could then simply connect "to itself" (to that  
> signal) and react accordingly in its own slot.
> But I have to ask: for me it sounds like your base class is some kind of  
> "data" (Model) class, and your derived class a QWidget-based class, aka  
> "the View" (you've mentioned QResizeEvent). Or in other words: does your  
> derived class inherit from two base classes: your "Model" and some  
> QWidget class (multiple inheritance)?
> If yes: why not a "has-a" relationship between your Model (currently  
> your "base class") and your View (currently your "derived class"),  
> instead of your current "is-a" situation?
> If no, then why does your base class (which must then be a QWidget based  
> one in this case) not handle the resize event itself; derived classes  
> could still overwrite the resize method and add custom code, e.g. after  
> (or before) calling the base class' resize method?

The situation is the next. My base class is QWidget-based implented  
signals, slots and properties. And my derived class is template class that  
doing actual work. And in setter of one property I had to  
recalculateSize() in template class, and template method pattern is very  
good in this situation...

Thank you again for your suggestion.

Best Regards,
Igor Mironchik.

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