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If you mean Qt Quick 2 (scenegraph and QQuickWindow and friends), then no, linuxfb is not sufficient since OpenGL is a hard requirement here. Use the eglfs platform plugin instead (if possible).

Qt Quick 1 should be functional with linuxfb but you should not be basing any new development on it.

As for the other questions, it is not quite clear what is happening there. It seems quite odd that it tries to load the xcb plugin when requesting linuxfb, not sure how that is possible.

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Hi there

I have been working on cross-compiling Qt5 for both i386 and armhf where I have enabled support for OpenGL.

On the i386 I don't have X system but successfully use the linuxfb plugin and am able to run some of the examples provided by Qt5.

Now, I'm trying to sort out the QtQuick and linuxfb support because I haven't gotten any confirmation if QtQuick supports the linuxfb plugin or not !!!
I'm running one of the qml examples ../examples/webkitqml/flickrview like:

    ./flickrview -platform linuxfb

and I am always getting this error:

    This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt<http://qt-project.org/doc/Qt.html>platform plugin "xcb".

>From this I suspect it needs the xcb is that correct ?

My main goal is to have a working browser with good performance. I have tried out the browser in example/webkitwidgets/ which seems to be functioning quite fine except good webgl support. According to html5test.com it is supporting webgl.

Since I'm not sure if these browsers are using webkit2 or webkit1 I decided to try out SnowShoe browser which is qml based but then I get the same error as mentioned above.

Hope someone can assist me here and perhaps clear this scenario a bit for me.

Einar M. Bjorgvinsson

Embedded Software Engineer

Marel ehf.


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