[Interest] QVideoProbe Woes

Jason H scorp1us at yahoo.com
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Well I am please, and confused at the same time. It works, but I have concerns.

1. I'm trying to work with video here. you keep mentioning audio, but how does QVideoProbe work with audio-derived classes?
2. When:
2a. using a Video element I try the code you supplied player is null after the cast. 
2b. using a MediaPlayer element, it works and i get frames!
2c. using (passing) a Camera element as sourceObj, what will happen?

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On Feb 6, 2014, at 10:07 PM, Jason H wrote:

So I made a basic wrapper class (included below) for QVideoProbe to expose it to QML. I can set the source property, but when I do it reports it gets a QDeclaritiveAudio class instance, ans the setSource() call fails. How can I get the video part of it?

The reason is that both the MediaPlayer and Audio QML types are backed by the QDeclarativeAudio C++ class...
What you need is the QMediaPlayer instance, you can get it with the 'mediaObject' property of QDeclarativeAudio:

VideoProbe::setSource(QObject* sourceObj)
QMediaPlayer *player = qvariant_cast<QMediaPlayer*>(sourceObj->property("mediaObject"));

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