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I do find it confusing though, I expected the QML elements to be exports of the Q* classes, but this doesn't seem to be the case.

Anyway, I now have that fixed, and working. Thank you.

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1. I'm trying to work with video here. you keep mentioning audio, but how does QVideoProbe work with audio-derived classes?

Even if it may sound strange, QDeclarativeAudio is not audio-specific... in fact it just wraps a QMediaPlayer, which can be used for audio or video.

2a. using a Video element I try the code you supplied player is null after the cast. 

The QML Video type is provided for convenience and combine a MediaPlayer with a VideoOutput. It doesn't have a 'mediaObject' property. 

2c. using (passing) a Camera element as sourceObj, what will happen?

It will also work.

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