[Interest] QVideoProbe Woes

Lopes Yoann Yoann.Lopes at digia.com
Mon Feb 10 13:50:04 CET 2014

2c. using (passing) a Camera element as sourceObj, what will happen?

It will also work.

That was in theory. In practice, it depends on the platform. QVideoProbe is not available on all of them (or only for either a media player or a camera).

It should be in the doc, but here's an overview of QVideoProbe support:

Android: only for camera
Blackberry: no support
iOS: no support
Linux: only for media player
Mac: no support
Windows: only for media player

If it's not supported it doesn't necessarily mean it's not possible to do it on a given platform, it can mean that it's not currently implemented.

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