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> If the multiple smartphones(multiple apps of different smartphones)  are
> connected to Infotainment Linux system through Bluetooth SPP, how does Qt
> Bluetooth handle the requested command say tirepressure
> from IVI system?

The Bluetooth module offers an API to connect the two parties via a socket connection (see QBluetoothSocket and QBluetoothServer).
The actual type of data send across the SPP connection is not known to the API. It is up to the application to react to the readyRead() signal
and read/process the received data. In any case the particulars of the IVI command set are at least one layer above the SPP protocol (usually RFCOMM or L2CP). QtBluetooth provides the network layer. IVI operates as a transport layer protocol even further above.

> Do we need to pass the Application ID from smartphone to identify particular app
> so that response would be sent to particular application or UUID of the
> smartphone app is sufficient to connect and send the response?

This is an IVI specific question and would be dependent on the IVI's protocol/command set.


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