[Interest] metaObject from class name

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Fri Feb 14 18:19:12 CET 2014

Em sex 14 fev 2014, às 10:50:38, Graham Labdon escreveu:
> Hi
> In my application I have a class name as a string
> This is the name of a class derived from QObject.
> Now what I would like to do is the get metaObject for this class from the
> string
> Is this at all possible?

Yes, sure.

Just look the string up in the table that you created that maps strings to 
meta objects.

The key words here are "that you created". Qt doesn't provide one.

>From the other emails in the thread, you may have learned about 
QMetaType::metaObjectForType. That is a table, but it's not populated by 
anything. You'll still need to populate it before you can use it.
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