[Interest] Qt debugging techniques?

Till Oliver Knoll till.oliver.knoll at gmail.com
Sat Feb 15 16:33:32 CET 2014


what are general Qt debugging techniques? Specifically I vaguely
remember having read here on qt-interest that there exists some kind of
debug switch which - somehow - shows all QObjects which are leaked when
the application ends

Or maybe it was the other way round: it would show all QObjects (on some
debug log output) which are still reachable and hence are deleted by
their respective parent objects upon QApplication termination.

Google keeps referring me to


when I search for "Qt 5 debugging" which does show a few command line
options, and I also am aware of e.g.

* QObject::dumpObjectInfo()
* QObject::dumpObjectTree()

But something in my mind tells me that there was really a (command
line?) option which let you show the deleted objects at program
termination (which would you then identify QObjects which have /not/
been properly deleted - like a "high-level valgrinding" thing...)

Any more options/tips/tricks for Qt debugging techniques to share?

Cheers, Oliver

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