[Interest] Platform eglfs and OpenGL

Peter Kuemmel syntheticpp at gmx.net
Tue Feb 18 14:46:38 CET 2014

> Not at the moment. There were some efforts in the past to add compositing of GL-based windows into eglfs, similarly to how sw-rendered QWidget windows are handled, but these got cancelled in favour of the upcoming QOpenGLWidget and QQuickWidget APIs which will provide a modern replacement for QGLWidget that is functional on all platforms. The bad news is that QOpenGLWidget is targeted for 5.4 and will not make it into 5.3.

Thanks for the clarification.
Is there already a branch somewhere?

> Designs like hellogl_es2 (where a QGLWidget sits "inside" a widget window) should be avoided for the time being.

This sounds like there is another way to use OpenGL in an Qt application, have I missed something?

Do you think Wayland and QtWayland are ready for such a usecase (if I find a usable wayland-egl implementation).

Many thanks,

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