[Interest] QSettings: no settings file

Sensei senseiwa at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 16:28:59 CET 2014

Dear All,

I was using QSettings to get all my defaults, but suddenly with Qt 4.8.5 
on OSX 10.9.1 it does weird things: it doesn't create the settings file.

This is my very simple code, using a singleton class:

// Save the window geometry
void Settings::setGeometry(const QRect &r)

     qWarning("SAVING TO %s", qPrintable(instance_->settings_->fileName()));

     instance_->settings_->setValue("windows_x", QVariant(r.x()));
     instance_->settings_->setValue("windows_y", QVariant(r.y()));
     instance_->settings_->setValue("windows_w", QVariant(r.width()));
     instance_->settings_->setValue("windows_h", QVariant(r.height()));

The output shows correctly this:

SAVING TO /Users/sensei/Library/Preferences/0com.example.app

However, no file is created there:

ls /Users/sensei/Library/Preferences/0*
zsh: no matches found: /Users/sensei/Library/Preferences/0*

I create the QSettings as follows, given the suggestion about submitting 
the app to the Mac AppStore in [1]. The getPreferences() function 
returns just QString("%1/Library/Preferences").arg(getenv("HOME")).

instance_->settings_ = new QSettings(getPreferences() + 
"/0com.example.app", QSettings::NativeFormat);

Am I missing something?



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