[Interest] [ANDROID] problem with gestures and QToolTip

maitai at virtual-winds.org maitai at virtual-winds.org
Wed Feb 19 19:24:16 CET 2014

Hello all,

I am having several issues with gestures on Android (qt5.2.1)

Basically I have some QGraphicsWidgets in a scene, and for some of them 
I want to do:

On tapGesture -> display the tooltip.
On tapGesture+move -> move the widget (the relevant flag is on)
On TapAndHoldGesture-> display the context-menu.

First of all, QToolTip::showText() is not working at all on Android. The 
same code on Windows/Linux/Mac is working fine. Is there an issue with 
QToolTip on Android?

Second, when I tap the widget and immediately remove my finger, I get a 
tapAndHoldGesture anyway. If I set timeout for tapAndHold to say 2000ms, 
I get the tapAndHoldGesture after 2 seconds, even though I am not 
touching the screen anymore. I am looking at the gesture's state and I 
can see Started and Finished, the finished state occuring while I am not 
touching the screen anymore. Shouldn't it be Cancelled?

Last, I have not been able to catch a single swipe or pan gesture, 
whatever I do with my fingers ;) I do get pinch gestures nicely if I 
need them, but no way to get a pan or swipe.

Any advice or hint will be greatly appreciated

Philippe Lelong.

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