[Interest] pyotherside is Awesome

Alejandro Exojo aexojo at modpow.es
Thu Feb 20 09:39:33 CET 2014

2014-02-20 0:18 GMT+01:00 Charley Bay <charleyb123 at gmail.com>:
> I'm not affiliated with the project -- I'm just tickled at how well it
> integrates into QML.  I didn't realize it existed until KDAB put the Berlin
> talks online.

Not affiliated either, but FWIW, the guy doing it, Thomas Perl, works
for Jolla, and they have done quite good work with Qt. For example,
they are the first ones (at least the first ones I know) that have
delivered to users Wayland with the Qt Compositor module. They've also
provided a nice set of components for Qt Quick that are very pretty,
and enjoyable to use and develop with.

> As a silly thought-experiment, IMHO the QML/Javascript is a
> "better-Javascript" because it's strongly-typed and the new QML/JS engine is
> "more-integrated" leading to greater possible bytecode/speed/packaging
> features in the future.

Type-wise I suppose it might require less coercions (although isn't
all a QVariant inside?), but still has the problems of being compiled
on demand. Try a moderate refactor, and you have to make sure that you
trigger all event handlers to see if some code doesn't find a property
because it evaluates differently.

> However, I'm somewhat curious what the Qt community
> would think about making "Python" a first-class-citizen in the QML world.
> If we did, I'd probably vote for an API that looks like that provided
> through "pyotherside".  I have a general "fear/trepidation" with putting
> more-than-trivial logic into Javascript, but I'm less concerned about
> scaling logic through Python.

The problem with scripting is that usally not all languages are as
easy to embed. Javascript, Lua, and others are easily embedable, and
Python might be much slower at least at load time. I've seen this, for
example, with Vim plugins. Vim has support for many scripting
languages, and some authors measured a difference in loading time of
Python vs. Lua of 10ms to 270ns. Of course Lua is much smaller, but
you see the point. :)

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