[Interest] Qt Installer framework: installer that installs updates, not only new installs

Wiebe Cazemier wiebe at halfgaar.net
Tue Feb 25 14:38:43 CET 2014


I'm creating installers for my current project (online and offline) with Qt Installer Framework 1.5. The installer works, but I'm having problems with using the installer to install updates. 

I have these issues:

[1] when running the offline or online installer again for a new version, it won't automatically detect that it's updating existing software. Instead, it will complain about the target directory already existing.

[2] In 'programs and features' in Windows, opening the uninstaller also gives you the option to look for updates. When I actually put an update on the repository URL, the installer does nothing when I press next. When there is no update, it does know enough to say 'no updates available'.

So, how do I make my installer update-aware? I case of [1], is it a matter of scripting an uninstall of the old version? If so, how :)?

And, another issue: how best to implement a self-updater in the software I'm making? Simply download the XML from the repository URL and if there is an update, download and run the offline or online installer?



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