[Interest] PDF to QByteArray

Jason H scorp1us at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 28 05:13:00 CET 2014

Make sure you open the file in binary mode. PS files are text, PDFs have both text and binary modes. Default is binary.

QFile f("file.pdf");
QByteArray ba;

if (f.open (QIODevice::ReadOnly))
   ba = file.readAll();

Should be all you need.

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So that they can understand, I need to put the contents of a pdf file into a QByteArray, as this QByteArray is used as an attachment in the email sending process.

I did a test with a postscript file (.ps file) and it worked perfectly. I only have this problem with pdf files.
How can I read and properly store the content (binary) of a pdf file into a QByteArray?

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