[Interest] deploying working QtQuick2 to Desktop Linux users

Ian Monroe ian.monroe at gmail.com
Sat May 3 00:27:25 CEST 2014

Hey folks,

So we distribute our application as a binary to Linux users with our
build of Qt 5.2 included. We rely on the libGL.so.1 from the users
system. Everyone has this installed so that's not a problem - but it
seems like many users have broken video stacks and now have trouble
running our application now that we are using QtQuick 2. Well users
with broken Linux video stack - no big surprise. While these users
could probably fix things by getting their drivers installed properly,
in the end we need something that Just Works™.

On Windows we just started shipping the Mesa software rendering
version of opengl32.dll, mostly to support remote desktop and virtual
machines. The performance impact has been negligible for us, the
initial rendering lags and then its fine. I suppose we could do
something similar on Linux as well, but it would be nice to use
hardware acceleration if it works and only fallback on software
rendering. (And eventually we'd like to figure that out on Windows as

Anyone solve this situation? Should we just ship our own libGL.so.1
working with Mesa's swrast? Deploying software-rendering on Linux
looks more complicated than Windows.


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