[Interest] Size of libQt5Core in 5.3

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Tue May 13 00:00:50 CEST 2014

Em seg 12 maio 2014, às 15:29:29, Daniel Bowen escreveu:
> qconfig is nice to separate out those -no-feature- items into another file -
> thanks! ./configure -help still lists -qconfig, so hopefully that's a good
> sign that it will stay around, even if the Qt5 documentation doesn't
> mention it.

It won't be mentioned since we don't maintain it too much. But we won't remove 
because it's nice to people like you.

Just be warned that there be dragons there (or at least dusty cobwebs). Qt 
might fail to build and you'll need to fix the issues yourself. Though once you 
do, we'll welcome the patches in upstream Qt.

> For locale, thanks for those steps! That'd be great to have an easy way in
> the future to disable everything except C and en_US (or disable everything
> and only enable select items). Things like buildroot have a way to only
> include a list of specified locales.

On the to-do list. Note that it's configuring something outside of Qt and 
possibly affecting other applications in your system.

> -no-exceptions would be nice.  If it's just a matter of changing "CONFIG  +=
> exceptions" in corelib.pro, then that's straight forward enough.

It was decided not to do that. QtCore is compiled with exceptions because some 
people want to use them with the tools and the event loop. The rest of the 
modules have it disabled.

We don't want to add to the testing complexity. Even if we added it, it would 
go untested.

> Some of the other surgical removals are possibilities I'll look at, but that
> kind of thing can have a domino effect if there's not already a supported
> way to disable some section of code.


> Along the way, I have a couple of things that I'll send in separate e-mails
> (-no-feature-REGULAREXPRESSION not working and qtdiag building even though
> -no-gui specified).

Why are you even trying to build qttools for your target environment? Just 
skip the module altogether.
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