[Interest] Qt 5.3.0 QML Android: how to deploy custom c++ plugin directory structure

Frédéric Martinsons frederic.martinsons at sigfox.com
Sat May 24 08:57:56 CEST 2014

Hello Qt,

I recently downloaded the last Qt release (5.3.0) and I try to porting my
functional QML application to Android. I encountered a problem with
integrating my custom c++ plugin into the APK. The directory structure I
got on desktop is the following:


The qmldir is the following

module MyPlugin
plugin MyPlugin

and inside the main.qml I do a "import MyPlugin 1.0". Everything works fine
on Desktop but I didn't manage to get the same directory structure after
deploying my applications with QtCreator 3.1.1.

By playing with INSTALLS target inside my pro files, I manager to reproduce
the right directory under $(BUILD_TARGET)/libs/armeabi-v7a/ where is my
application main library (libMyLibrary.so) but this structure isn't
exported to the android emulator target and of course my application do not
find the "MyPlugin" plugin.

I tried to play with custom AndroidManifest.xml and res/values/libs.xml (in
bundle lib) but without success.

Have you any hints to give me to get everything works. I managed to launch
my application by reproducing the directory structure on the target with
"adb shell mkdir and adb push) after the APK install but it's very ugly and
I would to have a self contained APK.

Any help would be kindly appreciate. Thanks.

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