[Interest] Custom pipeline for QML MediaPlayer

Neuer User auslands-kv at gmx.de
Wed May 28 09:45:24 CEST 2014


I am writing a Qt5 app, which should also display live camera video
streams. These can come from ip cams (rtsp streams) or analog cameras.

While the MediaPlayer in Qt5 is really great (especially with the new
zero-copy patch for imx6 in Qt5.3!), the "playbin" and "camerabin"
elements are not flexible enough and are not able to work with most IP
cams or with local analog video sources.

How difficult would it be to modify the MediaPlayer element, so that it
would accept custom gstreamer pipelines?

I think this would be very helpful for Qt5. I would need it very urgent
and would be willing to sponsor such a development.

What do you think? Anybody could help here?



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