[Interest] How can I use QPointer as an argument?

Bo Thorsen bo at vikingsoft.eu
Tue Jan 13 10:58:20 CET 2015

Den 13-01-2015 kl. 04:13 skrev Guenther Boelter:
> I have a 'small' problem and my timeline is running so fast ...
> How can I use QPointer as an argument? A simple
> void myFunction( QPointer *myPointer )
> {
>      // do something
> }
> myFunction( myPointer );
> returns 'error: ‘QPointer’ is not a type'.

You don't need to copy the QPointer. A QPointer is a weak pointer class. 
It is told by the object it holds, if it's deleted, and then switch to a 
null pointer.

So in your case, you simply give the object it holds to your function 

If you want to, you can create a QPointer in your function.

void myFunction(QObject* o) {
   QPointer p(o);
   // do something

QPointer p(theRealObject);

I hope this helps.


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