[Interest] porting to Qt 5.4 - MOC very slow on Windows

Hamish Moffatt hamish at risingsoftware.com
Fri Jan 16 02:00:53 CET 2015

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>> Subject: [Interest] porting to Qt 5.4 - MOC very slow on Windows
>> I'm trying to port our app from Qt 4.8 to 5.4. Currently working in MSVC 2013,
>> and using the pre-built Qt binaries for that environment.
>> We have about 440 files being MOCed during build. On 5.4, each file is taking
>> 2-3 seconds meaning the overall build is significantly longer than in 4.8.
>> I found a reference to a similar problem here -
>> http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/47901 - which was due to using
>> MOC on a network drive. In my case everything is on local SSD.
>> Any suggestions?
> IIRC moc in Qt 5 got much more accurate in the parsing phase, which might mean it now parses included headers that it previously missed.
> 2 - 3 seconds is quite long though ... Maybe running procmon.exe to monitor all file accesses done by moc gives you a hint?
Good suggestion. I've found that MOC is spending a lot of time searching 
for headers. We have lots of source directories in the include path, and 
MOC is searching all of them before the Qt and MSVC directories. Even 
when searching for stddef.h, QObject etc. And strangely enough it seems 
to be trying to open the file in each path twice.

In comparison, MOC 4.8 seems to know how to find the Qt headers without 
searching everywhere. It still searches all over for stddef.h, 
<algorithm> etc but only tries each location once.

I see that MOC is being told to read a mocinclude.tmp file which lists 
all the include directories. In 4.8, the QT directories are first. In 
5.4, the QT directories are last.


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