[Interest] SpellChecker Plugin for QtCreator 3.3

Carel Combrink carel.combrink at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 21:07:13 CET 2015


I have created a SpellChecker plugin for Qt Creator. The plugin spell
checks comments in C++ headers and sources, for spelling mistakes (English

Please download the latest release from my github page here
<https://github.com/CJCombrink/SpellChecker-Plugin/releases> (currently
There are pre-build binaries for QtCreator 3.3 for both Windows and
Linux(x64) with instructions on how to install in the Readme file.

On the main page of the project one can see how to use
<https://github.com/CJCombrink/SpellChecker-Plugin#3-using-the-plugin> the
plugin. The plugin also provides a few useful widgets
Numerous settings
<https://github.com/CJCombrink/SpellChecker-Plugin#6-settings> can also be
changed for the plugin, depending on the user's preferences.

Any feedback and comments will be appreciated.
If you experience any issues or bugs, please report them on the issues

I think most features that one require from such a plugin is available and
I will attempt to create a version 1 release in the near future, depending
on received feedback.

I am currently looking at extending the capabilities to check string
literals for spelling mistakes. I already have tested a few things with
much success.

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