[Interest] Online Installer/Maintence tool not working

Koehne Kai Kai.Koehne at theqtcompany.com
Wed Jul 1 21:09:04 CEST 2015

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> Betreff: [Interest] Online Installer/Maintence tool not working
> I'm trying to upgrade to Qt 5.5.
> It might be because of a 5.5 stampede, but none of the online stuff is working. I Force 
> Quitted that (OSX), and it would't launch. So I launched it from the command line. It said I 
> needed to update the maintenance tool. I've been sitting at a maintenance tool screen that > has been waiting to get passed "Select components" screen for 5 minutes now.
> I gave up on that, went to an online installer, and can't get passed the "License Agreement" page. 

I'm sorry to hear that the update didn't work for you (though overloaded servers in the first hours is a likely explanation).

In general, if you have issues with the installer please start it with --verbose, pipe the output to a file and report it in a bug report. We don't actually get that many of them ...

> What is it doing
> Also, it didn't want to put 5.5 into the same directory ~/Qt as 5.4. So I told it ~/Qt5.5. I've 
> complained about this before. It should be able to put its payload into a common ~/Qt 
> directory, just like the maintenance tool can do.

If you mean that two different installations should share it's directory / maintenance tool with another: Sorry, I don't see that happening.



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