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Hi Mike et al,

Modbus is one that we have also gotten some requests earlier, so it might be a good next step.

We are also keen to understand if there are some other / new buses that are seen relevant in the future for industry applications.

Qt SerialPort has been discussed to later on be re-created as plugin for Qt SerialBus. But before that we would like to have support for new buses in the new module.



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We would likely take advantage of Modbus and DNP3, if these became available.


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As you are probably aware, we are developing a new Qt SerialBus module. Target is to have a technology preview in Qt 5.6 with support to CANBus. You can look how it is shaping up at: http://code.qt.io/cgit/qt/qtserialbus.git/

I wasn't aware. Very interesting.

The architecture of the new Qt SerialBus is modular, and we would like to add support to new buses relevant for Qt based systems. One area that Qt is widely used is industrial automation, and therefore we are interested in knowing which are the buses you would like to have supported with this module. We are of course also very much open to contributions to get more buses supported.

I wouldn't say I work in industrial automation, but we are building a machine for mineral analysis. We're not using Qt for the machine control parts in this project though (but we are using PyQt for various GUIs, but that's for remote control, not close to the hardware).

Modbus comes to mind as a protocol you might want to support, in its various incarnations (TCP, UDP, serial, ...). It's a very widespread protocol still, despite its age.

I don't know what scope you have in mind for this module. I looked briefly at the code, and the interfaces seems quite general (read/write/configuration parameters).

Other protocols we use at work are various hardware vendor specific protocols over RS-422 and RS-485, so had we used Qt we would have used QtSerialPort. Modbus was the only thing that came to mind right now. Currently we use pymodbus, which is very well-written, if you need inspiration.

Qt for industrial automation is an interesting prospect though.

Best regards,

Elvis Stansvik


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