[Interest] Qt 5.5 and Audio problems

Hemant Kumar hemant at codemancers.com
Wed Jul 8 04:52:36 CEST 2015

Today morning I upgraded to Qt 5.5 for application I was working on and I
have noticed several problems.

1. I am getting no Audio in Gnome. Even examples shipped with Qt are
throwing "No suitable service found". Which on quick, goolging means Qt is
unable to find proper backend. But that is odd, I have all gstreamer
plugins installed and the same app works on KDE.

2. While Audio works when I am running my applicaiton inside KDE5. My
application seems to boost the audio recording volume to 100% when my app
starts. I saw similar behaviour with examples shipped with Qt.  When I
tried using QAudioRecorder->setVolume(), Qt told me - I can't change the
volume while recording. A pulseaudio configuration problem is kinda ruled
out because when I started Audacity, this did not happen.

My configuration is, ArchLinux with stock Kernel and KDE 5.3.2.  Any help
is appreciated.

Co founder - http://www.codemancers.com
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