[Interest] On-screen keyboard on Windows desktop

Curtis Mitch mitch.curtis at theqtcompany.com
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Heh, interesting.

That’s definitely the Qt Virtual Keyboard. I’m not sure where exactly to look (since you said that QT_IM_MODULE is not set), but for some reason it’s being loaded. Like I said though, it doesn’t happen to me, and I tested Designer using the same Qt version as you (I assume you’re using an enterprise version of Qt if the VKB is showing up).

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Here's a picture of what I see:


It's only in Qt Designer and Qt Assistant that I see it (but I don't use Creator). It's only since 5.5. It's not in our Qt application.

It's not the Windows assistance on-screen keyboard.

We have at least two machines behaving this way. They are set up for English - Australian.


On 07/07/15 21:13, Curtis Mitch wrote:
I just tried with Qt 5.5 on Windows 7 and didn’t see any onscreen keyboard.

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None, never heard of it...

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What's the value of QT_IM_MODULE?

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> In Qt 5.5, we're seeing an on-screen keyboard when using the supplied
> tools (Designer, Assistant). For example, launch Assistant then double
> click in the search box, or double click in a property in Designer.
> How can this be disabled and never seen again please?!
> Hamish
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