[Interest] QT & OpenSceneGraph on Android

Steven A. White ARA/SED sawhite at ara.com
Mon Jul 13 22:05:04 CEST 2015

Has anyone on the list  worked with OpenSceneGraph and Qt.  I'm currently working on an application that works as a virtual  campus tour.  It was originally written in Qt/OpenGL and  was eventually integrated with OpenSceneGraph which manages all of the OpenGL calls, but Qt is used to run the main application loop and manage all event handling.  Integration is implemented using the OSGQt classes which are fairly simple. 


I've recently received interest in making the application available to mobile devices to simplify demonstrations, but when I cross compile the application to Android no actual geometry is ever rendered. The background color will change to match the assigned glClear color.  I've written native OpenSceneGraph applications for Android and Qt5 Applications for Android, but something about the interaction of the two on the platform does not seem to create a proper GL context.   I took the time to profile the application with Adreno, and it appears that all the right information makes it two the card. Traces show all of the GLES calls up to glDrawArrays(), but no mater how I setup the Model View and Projection matrices I never see a single rastered polygon on the screen. 

Hopefully, someone on the list has tried to use the two toolkits on Android or some other thirdparty rendering engine encapsulated in Qt and can point me in the right direction. 

Steven A White

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