[Interest] QDialog class migrating down the screen

Murphy, Sean smurphy at walbro.com
Tue Jul 21 22:46:07 CEST 2015

I've got a confusing issue where a dialog's position keeps moving on subsequent showings of it. Here's what I think is relevant:
In mainwindow.h:
  troubleshootingDialog* troubleshooter; 
Where troubleshootingDialog is
  class troubleshootingDialog : public QDialog

In mainwindow.cpp, MainWindow::MainWindow()
  troubleshooter = new troubleshootingDialog(this);

And then I have a slot that is connected to the Troubleshoot button's clicked signal:
void MainWindow::troubleShoot()
    // generate troubleshooting content

The troubleshooting dialog merely has a QWebView and a Cancel button, and that call to setTroubleShootingContent() just passes an html string that then gets passed on to the QWebView. There's no calls to move(), setGeometry(), etc. inside of setTroubleshootingContent().  So each time that troubleShoot() slot fires, the dialog is shown, but it keeps walking across the screen. Not sure if there's something magical about these numbers, but it moves down by 8 pixels, right by 30. Every time. Commenting out the call to setTroubleShootingContent() has no effect on positioning, it keeps moving by 8 x 30.  

If I change the content of slot to be:
    troubleshooter = new troubleshootingDialog(this);
Then the dialog maintains its position, although technically its no longer the same dialog each time. So that fixes it from a UI point of view, but it seems silly to me that I need to keep creating a new dialog and then destroying it instead of just reusing the same one each time.


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