[Interest] [ Android ] Can Qt Positioning API access and output NEMA GPS Strings?

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I am not sure whether this is what you are after but there is a class called QNmeaPositionInfoSource which can take NMEA input from a QIODevice. The QIODevice is supposed to provide the NMEA strings which the API turns into a QGeoPositionInfoSource-like behavior.

There is an example for it under examples/positioning/logfilepositionsource



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For example:

GPS NMEA - GPGGA<http://aprs.gids.nl/nmea/>
GNGNS and GLGNS<http://www.trimble.com/OEM_ReceiverHelp/V4.44/en/NMEA-0183messages_GNS.html>

For example:

GGA - essential fix data which provide 3D location and accuracy data.


     GGA          Global Positioning System Fix Data
     123519       Fix taken at 12:35:19 UTC
     4807.038,N   Latitude 48 deg 07.038' N
     01131.000,E  Longitude 11 deg 31.000' E
     1            Fix quality: 0 = invalid
                               1 = GPS fix (SPS)
                               2 = DGPS fix
                               3 = PPS fix
                               4 = Real Time Kinematic
                               5 = Float RTK
                               6 = estimated (dead reckoning) (2.3 feature)
                               7 = Manual input mode
                               8 = Simulation mode
     08           Number of satellites being tracked
     0.9          Horizontal dilution of position
     545.4,M      Altitude, Meters, above mean sea level
     46.9,M       Height of geoid (mean sea level) above WGS84
     (empty field) time in seconds since last DGPS update
     (empty field) DGPS station ID number
     *47          the checksum data, always begins with *

The goal is to forward GPS NEMA string to another device.


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