[Interest] QProcess::execute never returning (5.4/5.5 behaviour change)

Alejandro Exojo suy at badopi.org
Thu Jul 30 15:17:23 CEST 2015

El Tuesday 28 July 2015, Thiago Macieira escribió:
> > https://github.com/osxfuse/fuse/blob/06018fa9d5cee5ee3e8fb7057e568f5bc811
> > 5f5 b/lib/mount_darwin.c#L589
> Oh, yeah, that's totally broken.
> My earlier recommendation stands then:
> Shoot the library in the head.


Thank you for the advice. I'll report the issues upstream, and I'll see how to 
work around them (for now system() is decent enough).

Fun fact: resorting to calling umount/fusermount -u it's because fuse_unmount 
has other issues. Remembers me of some build systems that don't support "make 
uninstall". It's a feature for achieving total world domination. :)

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