[Interest] Qt5 with qml 2.x on Windows XP... problems?

Guido Seifert wargand at gmx.de
Wed Jun 10 22:31:48 CEST 2015

> Thanks for clarifying that. So it seems unless your embedded XP systems have after market 3D graphics cards, you can't succeed in the move to QtQ2. 
> If you can upgrade those systems (Are the AGP? or PCI? (You can get a video card that will likely work for about $25-$45 USD) )

Thank you (and all the others, who answered). This is exactly, what I expected. Today was my first day on that project. And when they told me they would like to upgrade, but still have XP systems, which has to be supported, immediately some alarms went off in my head. But Windows isn't my preferred system, especially nothing before Windows 7, so I wanted some confirmation. 

Since I am so 'fresh' in this team, I cannot give more information about the exact hardware and driver situation. 


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