[Interest] Extremely sluggish browser performance in Qt 5.5

John C. Turnbull ozemale at ozemail.com.au
Fri Jun 19 01:38:30 CEST 2015

All I am doing is running the WebEngine Tab Browser example from Creator 3.4.0 which comes with the version of Qt that I downloaded which is 5.5.0 MSVC2013 64-bit.  I have selected to build for RELEASE and then I just run it.


The machine is a powerful Dell Precision 7500 Workstation with 2 x Xeons and 64G of RAM and a Quadro FX 5800 GPU.


The browser performance is absolutely woeful to the point of being unusable.


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Perhaps you have linked to a non optimized Qt package? (-O0 in stead of -O2)

Not sure how this could happen. 


Did you compile it yourself? 





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Hasn’t anyone else tried out the WebEngineView in Qt 5.5 QML?  I just can’t explain why it takes minutes to load pages that load instantaneously in Chrome or Firefox.  This is really hurting us, especially the unusable Google Maps…


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I am just trying out the “nano browser” in Qt 5.5 on Windows 7 64-bit and find it almost unusable.


Loading *any* website is slow but it is particularly noticeable with Google Maps.  It can take more than a minute to render the initial map and then zooming in first shows just a scaled and pixelated version of the map and then it can several minutes for the details to be rendered properly.  Also, switching from map to Earth/Satellite view seems to take forever too.


What could be causing this incredible slowness?  It’s not the network itself as the same sites load instantaneously in other browsers like Chrome and Firefox on the same machine and there is no proxy involved.


Given that the primary use case I had intended for the Qt browser implementation is Google Maps, this is all very worrying!





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