[Interest] Qt jobs mailing list

Donald Carr sirspudd at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 04:24:19 CEST 2015

Top of the evening/morning,

I am surprised that we never considered opening a mailing list to
facilitate the global advertising of Qt related development positions. We
are a small community, I would think we would benefit from providing a
single centralized point of sourcing/advertising positions.

I am being asked by a customer about recommending developers in the
vicinity of Melbourne; I know that there is a wealth of prospective people
(given the history of our Brisbane office) but short of hounding/spamming
individuals I have shared beer with, I don't have the breadth of channel I
desire. (Short of sending out an oblique meta email questioning why we
don't have a mailing list for this)

If we get this list, I can possibly have this company direct the first mail
in its general direction?

Yours sincerely,
Donald Carr
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