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On 10/09/2015 15:26, privet56 hotmail.com wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to use Qt3D in my "normal" QML app, of which the root 
> element is "ApplicationWindow" currently.
> However, all the Qt3D examples I see in Qt 5.5
> 1) are built in the way only showing Qt3D elements (mostly with the 
> root element "Entity"),
> 2) use the whole application for 3D content,
> 3) use QQmlAspectEngine instead of QQmlApplicationEngine with a 
> demo-specific "window.h".
> Is it possible to 'use' only a part of the QML app for the Qt3D scene with

Wrap your Qt3D "world" in a Scene3D element. Scene3D is a custom Qt 
Quick 2 item that renders the Qt3D world into a texture by way of a 
framebuffer object and then uses this to texture a quad in the Qt Quick 
2 world. Much the same way as ShaderEffect works.

for example.



> 1) all the interaction possibilities (eg. with 
> mouse/keyboard-camera-position-changing)
> 2) being able to show .obj/.dae meshes
> ?
> Is there a demo for this use case available?
> In such an "embedded-3d" case, is it better to use 
> QQmlApplicationEngine or QQmlAspectEngine with (or without) the 
> window.h/.cpp from the demos?
> Thx for Hints in Advance!
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