[Interest] Qt 5 LTO build on OS X 10.9 (and earlier)

René J. V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 20:48:39 CEST 2015

Thiago Macieira wrote:

> If it produces "thin" objects (LLVM bitcode only), then you must use llvm-ar
> to create the .a so that the symbol table is updated with the symbols that
> would have been there if the .o were "fat".

Hmmm, I actually don't know about static libraries, I hardly use them. Of course 
if they end up linked into shared libraries their debug info will get lost with 
the rest. I don't suppose llvm-ar works on shared libraries, does it?

> Actually, that has nothing to do with debugging.
> That's just linking.

Well, yes, it's something to do with the linker, but the end result is that 
symbolic or source-level (or whatever you wish to call it) is possible or not 


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