[Interest] QtCanvas3D + three.js + OBJMTL

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Wed Sep 16 15:29:37 CEST 2015


QtCanvas3D is cool, the demos are fine in Qt 5.5!
However, looking at the code, I miss some features regarding three.js-support:

1) is QtCanvas3D supporting only ThreeJSLoader, or could I  also use OBJLoader+MTLLoader (=OBJMTLLoader)?
    Are demos available for this use case?

2) the current ThreeJSLoader-implementation drawing in paintGL(...) 'manually' seems to be work-intensive
    (with low-level GL code)
    in comparison with the "normal" Three.js use cases!
    Is it planned to create a wrapper which would hide the current manual QtCanvas3D-related implementation?
2) can I use the threejs-OrbitControls (instead of manually implementing the mouseClick/Move events)?

3) can I use THREE.WebGLRenderer instead of Canvas3DRenderer (which is used in all demos)?
    Actually, I would like to use a THREE.EffectComposer instead of a plain WebGLRenderer, if it would be supported...!?


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