[Interest] Qt3D-assimp-Scene remains black with intel-onboard graphic card on win7

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Wed Sep 16 16:20:55 CEST 2015


after reading the discussion on
I fixed the code in "window.h" of the Qt3D-demos, and now, most of the demo-apps are working
(this was a fix for weak onboard intel graphic cards)

However, some of the Qt3D demo execuatables have still ~errors (=application remains completely black):
    1) assimp*
    2) deferred-renderer*
    3) multiviewport
    4) tesselation-models
    5) and I see no difference with and without referencing "test_scene.dae" with SceneLoader in the output of the project "playgorund-qml".
    What should I expect to see when I reference "test_scene.dae"?
    ( this is what I see: http://privet.bplaced.net/temp/playground-qml.png )
How can I fix these errors to be able to see the result with my weak+old Intel graphic card (Intel HD Graphics 3000) on win7?


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