[Interest] Caching Painter Rendering

Tim Hoffmann thoffmann at texstudio.org
Tue Sep 22 21:29:18 CEST 2015

Dear all,

we are currently using a QPixmap as a rendering cache for painting. I.e.
paint once to a QPixmap, cache it and paint the QPixmap when required
instead of performing the actual paint operations. In addition to the
cached images we paint some elements directly.

We have currently some issues with high-resolution displays and UI
scaling by the OS. Well, probably we can sort this out. However in that
context, the following question arose:

What is the correct caching strategy for painting? Caching the data as
QImage, QPixmap or QPicture? Additionally, are there any examples how to
correctly implement this with high-resolution displays / UI scaling by
the OS?

Thanks in advance,

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