[Interest] rvalue references on Mac OS X 10.10 and XCode 7

Philippe philwave at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 20:55:03 CEST 2015

Why do you say so?

and I don't see this define dependent on the presence of libstdc++


On Fri, 25 Sep 2015 19:29:44 +0200
Sven Bergner <sven.bergner at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've just came across the fact, that on Mac OS X the rvalue references are disabled because of an old libstdc++. 
> Is this still the case with XCode 7 and clang 7.0.0?
> I'm just a little bit surprised, because we are using std::move in our application and that seems to work.
> Any help appreciated.
> Best regards,
>    Sven

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