[Interest] Animation control and high DPI effects

Bob Hood bhood2 at comcast.net
Tue Sep 29 22:58:35 CEST 2015

Hi, guys.  This may be a little rambling, so I apologize.

I recently re-wrote an older, stand-alone application that was using a fairly 
archaic framework to use Qt5.  In designing the UI, I implemented some 
animation support (via QPropertyAnimation) on the widgets on the interface.  I 
found that you cannot apply animations to Layouts, but rather can only animate 
widgets directly.  When I tried to animate Layouts, they simply did not 
respond.  For example, I put a QLabel into a QVBoxLayout and then tried to 
apply a QPropertyAnimation to the QVBoxLayout, and it did not move at all.  
Removing the QVBoxLayout, the QLabel responds to the animation control when 
applied.  So, my interface doesn't use any Layouts, and the animations 
function well when everything is properly positioned.

However, I'm seeing that the QLabel is not responding properly to changes in 
the DPI setting under Windows.  The text in the label is scaling, but it is 
getting clipped because its bounding rectangle remains the same size.  Without 
having to manually hack the font or rectangle sizes at run time, is there some 
kind of setting for the widgets to get them to handle this change more 
gracefully?  I imagine that a Layout control would provide more automated 
scaling adjustments, but I'm wondering if it is really either/or: Either I 
gracefully support DPI scaling, or I have animation.

Thanks for your gracious enlightenment.   :)

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