[Interest] CLion to replace QtCreator?

Emre Besirik nomercy at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 21:33:23 CEST 2016

>> it only searches for filenames
> Utter nonsense.

Well ok even it does not do it as good as JB products I’ll accept this but watch the video link I’ve sent if you had time, you’ll then see what I actually mean

>> You only offer mostly workarounds which are not the same. debugging values for
>> instance; yes we can also see the values in the debug windows if we’d like to
>> but its not the same, when it is shown inline you just need to look no other
>> action required.
> There's a global option somewhere to get debugger tooltips in the editor.
> I.e. also wrong.

tooltips require you to reach your mouse and go over things wait etc..

>> QtCreator compared to modern IDEs.  A good IDE (I think) should avoid to make
>> its users have to take their hand off the keyboard to reach the mouse or
>> touchpad as much as possible, to do this you should have a perfect keybord
>> shortcut system, which also should avoid to make its users to have multiple
>> keystrokes (double esc and then something more etc.) Jetbrains products are
>> really engineered very well on their UI/UX part, if we can not have/afford an
> I'd really like you to not use the word 'we' in this discussion. It feels
> highly inappropriate in combination with your tone.

I’m saying “we” because I\m also trying to use Qt, I’m also trying to make things better instead of denying room for improvement. And about my tone, I really don’t get it when critisim is always perceived as “tone”?

>> experienced UI/UX team of professionals then at least we should inspect what
>> they (jetbrains and/or others) have done and learn from them then apply to
>> QtCreator maybe?
> I don't really get your intention here. You are obviously successful at
> trolling. You also made clear you found an IDE you are happy with, and you
> despise Qt Creator. Still, you reach out to this supposedly unenlightened crowd
> and ask them to clone your idol?

Well to be honest CLion does not have full support for Qt yet and I’d love to use that if it had. You sound like QtC is your child I’m insulting him/her? You maybe one of the QtC Devs but you don’t necessarily lose your dignity if you are not a good designer? you don’t have to be… you are a developer and that is a completely different profession on its own. I don’t understand why people gets so offended even it is not about you or your work?
I bet QtC simply hasn’t been touched by ANY UI/UX expert to this day and thats the problem, and thats all, there is nothing to get offended about this at all even if you are one of the developers.

> Please? Why don't you just stick to what you are happy with? 

The problem is; what I’m happy with does not exist yet...

> If you really wanted to be helpful, as in rightfully using the word "we",
> you could have filed feature requests on bugreports.qt-project.org <http://bugreports.qt-project.org/>. Sure,
> some of them might have triggered an immediate 'Invalid' resolution, but
> in the end some valid points will have survived, and some of these even
> would have been fixed.
See my previous posts about bugreport, it is not enough, you can not make a feature req. saying; “Please have an experienced team of UI/UX experts to go through all of QtC and make a complete makeover” ?

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