[Interest] CLion to replace QtCreator?

Prav pr12og2 at programist.ru
Wed Apr 6 13:47:06 CEST 2016

>> If you want it to serve your needs too, go ahead and provide patches.
> Thats an option but there is again always the possiblity to work
> hard on some things and a dev may not like your input and deny your
> patch(es) which then would make your hard work a big waste of time...
Emre Besirik, patches could be hard to do. But feature-request are easier. Or share more videos of usability cases (as you did before ... and which is by
now the only thing which gave something as an output).
But this should be some real cases. Not like ... whole UI/UX should be redone.
Do them and after that we can judge how QtC and CLion are closer to each other based
on number missing features ... not on someone’s opinion.

>*its when you Ctrl / Cmd Click on some function and its already open
> on the other splitview don’t open it in the clicked view, just go to
> to corresponding line on the other screen for example
>*its the open documents, tabless views (I know some people don’t
> like it but many people got used to the tabs) I for example like to
> work with implementations in one side and headers other but it is
> really hard to first select the view you want the code to open in, I
> don’t know how many times I opened in the wrong/unintended view, it is not user friendly
>*its smart completions, IDE should offer me the most logical things
>*first by maybe looking return types, context etc. JB products are very successfull on this subject.
>*its that searching is not available everywhere,
>*its when I search (rather filter in QtC) in preferences it should
> go the extra mile and highlight where it found my keywords, it also
> should search in places like keyboard shortcuts (inside of
> preferences, deep search), go to where its found when I select the preference subject
>*its trying to do importing necessary stuff automatically when it can
>*its offering quick fixes as much as possible
>*its not making me have to use my mouse as much as possible
>*its making me use as less (no more than one actually) keystrokes
> when I’m trying to use a keyboard shortcut (double esc’s then
> something else, Ctrl+e then Ctrl+F4 etc…)
OK ... be nice and fill feature-requests for your list!
Or start like several discussion threads for each of your ideas one by one ... to make sure that each of these feature is really absent in QtC.
It is impossible to discuss so many ideas in one thread ... it would be like mess ... no one could benefit from it.

If you are not going to do this small steps it seems like you are trying to make a revolution which would start from the spark of your opinion
(which is like definition of trolling). But who really need it? QtC devs and QtC users need evolution. Which mean steady growth of usability.
I think you would not be able to start revolution. I think one person can only help evolution of such big thing as QtC.
So I would suggest to use bugreports.qt.io ... or at least share videos with some usability cases and someone would fill the feature-request for
you (as it was previously with multi-cursor video).
I would say this is the only way for you to make any good for QtC.

Another way you have ... is like
If you want Qt lib to be supported by IDE with workflow and UI as CLion it seems more practical to ask CLion devs to add support for the Qt-lib than
to ask QtC devs to rewrite the whole UI of QtC ... seem for me that it is less work for CLion devs comparing to QtC devs.
Moreover CLion is not free so they have a motivation to sell IDE to Qt-lib users.

QtC devs can only wish to make better QtC IDE by incorporating good features. Which means they need feature-requests.
Revolutions are so rare to be successful ... so no one wish it.

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